Data Science for All

Atlanta University Center Data Science Initiative

The Atlanta University Center (AUC) is comprised of 4 HBCUs: Spelman College, Morehouse College, Clark Atlanta University and The Morehouse School of Medicine. DS4ALL is a common introductory data science course designed with zero pre-requisites.

The overarching impetus for the course is the realization that, in an increasingly data-driven world, student competitiveness in the upcoming decades will require that every student, regardless of his or her chosen area of specialization, will need the capacity to

  1. reason sensibly based on data
  2. make and interpret inferences using data
  3. understand the social and ethical implications of data

The course is python-based and is administered through a Zoom Virtual Classroom.

    DS4ALL Virtual Classroom

Homework, labs, assignments and course contents are completed in Jupyter notebooks hosted on a JupyterHub Server.

DS4ALL Course Materials    

Summer 2020 Spring 2020

The course Q&A page is hosted on Piazza.

  Summer 2020

DS4ALL is made possible by the support and generosity of multiple partners.